Blogker Begins…

Why on earth am I writing a blog? It’s a fair question. The internet is already over-saturated with ill-informed opinions and hot takes. Really though this is just a place for me to write about what I’m thinking about which is usually something either intensely dull or irrelevant to the zeitgeist (am I selling this ok?)…
Around a year ago a friend of mine joked that I should start a blog called Alex Blogker, a play on my surname. His vision for the blog was to create a safe and secure place where I could tell all my terrible jokes in the knowledge that absolutely no one would find them, thus providing a necessary service to humanity.
Whilst there will in all likelihood still be some terrible puns on here (after all I doubt I’ll be able to resist completely), Alex Blogker will be mainly devoted to the things that interest me. Expect a fair amount of cultural and political history, left-wing politics, pedagogy, and moaning about Tottenham Hotspur and movies to lighten the mood.
I hope that this will be an enjoyable experience for me, a place where I can write about the things I want at longer length than on Twitter and in a less intrusive way to others’ lives than on Facebook. Who knows there might even be something on here that interests you!
I think I’ll end this as the Queen Mother used to end her letters…
Tinkety tonk old fruit, and down with the Nazis.

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